Gravity keeps everything in orbit


  • rotation means spinning – stars spin, planets spin, moons spin and galaxies spin – even atoms spin.
  • our Earth takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.2 seconds to make one rotation around itself.
  • fastest-rotating planet is Jupiter – turns around once every 9.84 hours.
  • slowest-rotating planet is Venus – takes 243 days to turn around.
  • our sun takes 25.4 days to rotate.
  • space objects also move around each other – moons orbit planets, planets orbit stars and stars orbit the centre of galaxies.
  • our Earth’s movements are not actually felt because everything is moving with it – however Earth’s spin can be seen as our Sun, Moon and stars move across the sky.
  • gravity keeps everything in orbit – our Sun’s gravity pulls our Earth and Earth’s gravity pulls the Moon.


Did you know?

  • The fastest-spinning objects in the Universe are neutron stars – these can rotate 500 times in just one second!


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