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Amateur Astronomy in Milton Keynes
Home of the Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society (MKDAS),
advancing the education of the public in the subject of Astronomy.
MKDAS is a thriving deaf society located in Emberton, near Olney.

Programme 2017

MKDAS Programme 2016
Mostly meeting start at 7pm.
(Click here for print out the MKDAS 2016.)


The MKDAS Observatory is located at:-
The Emberton County Park,
Olney Road,
near Olney,
Milton Keynes,
Bucks, MK46 5FJ.

Find us on the A509 and meet us at the Gatehouse (Reception) at 7pm.


Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society
Programme 2015
Please text us if you are coming on 07845319228.


Friday 8th January 2016
Observing the Stars of Winter and the deep-sky objects
in the constellations of Orion and Monoceros.

Saturday 23rd January 2016
Understanding the Sky Atlas Map and how to target the celestial objects
at a new deaf centre at Broughton Pavilion in Milton Keynes for our standing exhibition.

Friday 5th February 2016
Running trip to AstroFest at Kensington Town Hall
in London (afterwards – pub dinner).

Saturday 6th – Saturday 13th February 2016
One week to observe the Winter Night Sky,
including the Virgo Cluster at AstroAdventure in Devon,
organised by British Deaf Astronomical Association.
(Click here for booking form.)

Friday 11th March 2016
Observing the deep-sky objects in the constellations
of Coma Berenices, Leo and Cancer.

Friday 8th April 2016
Mercury is this month in April for spotlight as it present
best evening showing of the Year 2016.

Friday 6th May 2016
Observing the colour, binary and various stars.

Friday 17th June 2016
Messier Objects / Star Clusters
(7:30pm for 8pm start)

July / August

Wed 28th Sept – Wed 5th Oct 2016
Running Trip to the Sky Camp at Norfolk for one week,
organised by British Deaf Astronomical Association.
(Click here for Booking form)

Friday 4th November 2016
Observing the deep-sky objects in the constellations
of Cetus and Pisces, also a dwarf planet – asteroid Ceres.

Friday 2nd December – 7pm
Christmas Festive Meals at Harvester,
The Fountain, Loughton, Milton Keynes, MK5 8AF.

Please text us if you are coming on 07845319228.


Derek Rowley
Mobile Text:-  07845 319228
Fax:-  01908 528330
Email:-  derek(at)


UK Astronomy Events
Emberton Sports & Social Club,
Hulton Drive, Emberton, Milton Keynes, MK46 5BS.

Presentations, Demonstrations,
Practical sessions, Q&A, Telescope Surgery
Help, advice and tuition for beginners
Meet your local astronomy groups
Copies of the presentation and handouts available
Free biscuits and hot chocolate drinks

Suggested donation
£2.50 per adult / children under 16’s free.
(UK Astronomy is non-profit making and working in partnership
with Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society, and any or all donations will put back into making astronomy available for all locally.)

UK Astronomy Stargazing Nights
Welcome to UK Astronomy’s blog
UK Astronomy’s Blog

This is were UK Astronomy will be posting if they are heading out for  a stargazing night.
If its clear we will say go go go and you are welcome to join us at Emberton
to have some FREE practical observing sessions.

Keep an eye on this page – as you know the Great British weather changes daily
and we may cancel last minute.

UK AStronomy 2017
Right here is a list of potential Astronomy only nights with UK Astronomy,
Any and all are welcome to join us,
but please note this is for personal astronomy only not an event.

Sunday 15th / Monday 16th – Emberton tbc
Monday 23rd / Tuesday 24th  – Aylesbury tbc
Tuesday 31st – Stevenage tbc

Wednesday 1st – Stevenage tbc
Wednesday 8th / 9th – tbc

We will help set up your scopes and view objects but there are no facilities
other than toilets if we go to Emberton sports and social clubs field
on Hulton Drive, Emberton, MK46 5BS.


Events 2017


More information

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