Full Moon Names and Meanings

January: The Wolf Moon

  • In January snow gathers deep in the woods and the howling of wolves can be heard echoing in the cold still air.
  • Full Moon in January (The Wolf Moon)
    –   Monday 5th January 2015
    –   Sunday 24th January 2016
    –   Thursday 12th January 2017
    –   Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 31st January 2018  (Blue Moon)
    –   Monday 21st January 2019
    –   Friday 10th January 2020

February: The Snow Moon / The Hunger Moon

  • Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name. Among tribes that used this name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions.
  • Full Moon in February (The Snow Moon / The Hunger Moon)
    –   Tuesday 3rd February 2015
    –   Monday 22nd February 2016
    –   Saturday 11th February 2017
    –   No Full Moon appearing in February 2018
    –   Tuesday 19th February 2019
    –   Sunday 9th February 2020

March: The Worm Moon

  • Snow slowly begins to melt, the ground softens, and earthworms show their heads again and their castings or fecal matter can be found.
  • Full Moon in March (The Worm Moon)
    –   Thursday 5th March 2015
    –   Wednesday 23rd March 2016
    –   Sunday 12th March 2017
    –   Friday 2nd and Saturday 31st March 2018  (Blue Moon)
    –   Thursday 21st March 2019
    –   Monday 9th March 2020

April: The Pink Moon

  • Flowers begin to appear, including the widespread grass pink or wild ground.
  • Full Moon in April  (The Pink Moon)
    –   Saturday 4th April 2015
    –   Friday 22nd April 2016
    –   Tuesday 11th April 2017
    –   Monday 30th April 2018
    –   Friday 19th April 2019
    –   Wednesday 8th April 2020

May: The Flower Moon

  • Flowers come into full bloom and corn is ready to plant.
  • Full Moon in May  (The Flower Moon)
    –   Monday 4th May 2015
    –   Saturday 21st May 2016
    –   Wednesday 10th May 2017
    –   Tuesday 29th May 2018
    –   Saturday 18th May 2019
    –   Friday 8th May 2020

June: The Strawberry Moon

  • Strawberry-picking season reaches its peak during this time.
  • Full Moon in June (The Strawberry Moon)
    –   Tuesday 2nd June 2015
    –   Monday 20th June 2016
    –   Friday 9th June 2017
    –   Thursday 28th June 2018
    –   Monday 17th June 2019
    –   Friday 5th June 2020

July: The Buck Moon

  • Buck deer start growing velvety hair-covered antlers in July.
  • Full Moon in July (The Buck Moon)
    –   Thursday 2nd and 31st July 2015  (Blue Moon)
    –   Tuesday 19th July 2016
    –   Sunday 9th July 2017
    –   Friday 27th July 2018
    –   Tuesday 16th July 2019
    –   Sunday 5th July 2020

August: The Red Moon

  • The reddish appearance of the moon through the frequent sultry hazes of August also prompted a few tribes to dub it the Red Moon.
  • Full Moon in August (The Buck Moon)
    –   Saturday 29th August 2015
    –   Thursday 18th August 2016
    –   Monday 7th August 2017
    –   Sunday 26th August 2018
    –   Thursday 15th August 2019
    –   Monday 3rd August 2020

September: The Harvest Moon

  • The strong light of the Harvest Moon allowed European farmers to work late into the night to harvest their crops. The Harvest Moon does not always occur in September. Traditionally, the name goes to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which falls during October once or twice a decade.
  • Full Moon in September (The Harvest Moon)
    –   Monday 28th September 2015
    –   Friday 16th September 2016
    –   Wednesday 6th September 2017
    –   Tuesday 25th September 2018
    –   Saturday 14th September 2019
    –   Wednesday 2nd September 2020

October: The Hunter’s Moon

  • Hunters can ride easily over the fields’ stubble, and the fox and other animals are more easily spotted. Some years the Harvest Moon falls in October instead of September.
  • Full Moon in October (The Hunter’s Moon)
    –   Tuesday 27th October 2015
    –   Sunday 16th October 2016
    –   Thursday 5th October 2017
    –   Wednesday 24th October 2018
    –   Sunday 13th October 2019
    –   Thursday 1st and Saturday 31st October 2020  (Blue Moon)

November: The Beaver Moon

  • At this time of year the beavers are busy preparing for winter, and it’s time to set beaver traps and secure a store of warm fur before the swamps freeze over.
  • Full Moon in November (The Beaver Moon)
    –   Wednesday 25th November 2015
    –   Monday 14th November 2016
    –   Saturday 4th November 2017
    –   Friday 23rd November 2018
    –   Tuesday 12th November 2019
    –   Monday 30th November 2020

December: The Cold Moon / The Long Night Moon

  • Winter takes a firm hold and temperatures plummet at this time. Sometimes this moon is also called the Long Night Moon as the winter nights lengthen and the moon spends more time above the horizon opposite a low sun.
  • Full Moon in December (The Cold Moon / The Long Night Moon)
    –   Friday 25th December 2015
    –   Wednesday 14th December 2016
    –   Sunday 3rd December 2017
    –   Saturday 22nd December 2018
    –   Thursday 12th December 2019
    –   Wednesday 30th December 2020


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