Conjunction of planets in 2020

List of conjunctions (From Wikipedia)
This is a list of recent astronomical conjunctions: conjunctions occur when two celestial bodies have the same right ascension or the same ecliptic longitude as seen from the Earth. Two planets appear near one another in the sky around the time of a conjunction.

The list below presents instances when two planets reach the same right ascension during the year 2020.

Conjunctions of planets in RA (Right Ascension) in 2020

DateTime GMTPlanetAngle distancePlanetElongation to Sun
January 27, 202019:21Venus0° 04′ south ofNeptune39.5° East
March 9, 202014:36Venus2°24′ north ofUranus45.4° East
March 20, 202006:21Mars0°42′ south ofJupiter67.4° West
March 31, 202011:56Mars0°55′ south ofSaturn70.6° West
April 3, 202016:17Mercury1°24′ south ofNeptune25.9° West
May 22, 202008:44Mercury0°53′ south ofVenus18.4° East
June 12, 202013:18Mars1°44′ south ofNeptune91.5° West
December 21, 202013:24Jupiter0°06′ north ofSaturn31° East

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