Black Holes

  • gravity is so strong in black holes that it sucks everything in , including light.
  • if human fell into a black hole, they would stretch like spaghetti.
  • when a star or galaxy becomes so dense that it collapses under the pull of its own gravity, black hole are created.
  • black holes may exist at the heart of every galaxy.
  • gravity shrinks a black hole to an unimaginably small point called a singularity.

Black Hole singularity

  • around a singularity, gravity is so intense that space-time is bent into a funnel.
  • matter spirally into a black hole is torn apart and glows so bright that it it creates the brightest objects in the Universe – quasars
  • the swirling gases around a black hole turn it into an electrical generator, spouting jets containing electrons that are billions of kilometres out into space.

Black hole – spouting jets

  • the opposite of black holes may be white holes, which spray out matter and light like fountains (see below.)
  • black holes and white holes may join to form tunnels called wormholes (see far below).

Black Hole’s white hole

Balck Hole’s Wormhole

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